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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I don't think I have ever been more excited to post a blog! As you can see above, Pristine Beauty products have been oncology approved. That means that if you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and are currently or will eventually be going through treatment, our products are safe to use. We have one product Suga Suga WOO! WOO! (facial exfoliating polish) that is better to use after chemotherapy is complete.

I am so very proud of this accomplishment because as you all know, I had cancer. Pristine Beauty would never have come to be if I had not been diagnosed. I went through treatment and suffered side effects from medicinal use. I had a TERRIBLE time with my hair and skin. You see, cancer is a sneaky bastard. Just when your life is going awesome and you think you're invincible, it rears it's ugly head and reminds you that NOTHING should be taken for granted...not even your once healthy long hair or your pretty complexion. My search for natural products to help with my issues was not about vanity. It is weird. I never felt like I had cancer. I always felt GREAT. The treatment effects made me look sick (crappy hair and skin). My goal was to try and find products that would be effective enough that I would look normal again so people wouldn't constantly ask me how was I feeling. I know friends and family had the best intensions, but it got annoying after awhile and at times I just wanted to scream...."LEAVE ME ALONE! I feel fine. I just look like shit!" That said, I could never find what I needed. Nothing was working so that is how Pristine Beauty came to be!

Pristine Beauty is truly a labor of love for me because I know in my heart that I am helping people. You might not have received a cancer diagnosis or be recovering from something. Perhaps, you have issues with over processed hair, thinning hair, acne, dry skin, melasma, eczema or you just want prettier hair and skin. This is a problem solving line and it is pretty universal. The products are made to help a wide variety of people and they are natural and effective. The greatest part, as we display this beautiful yellow seal, we can definitely say with confidence that they are SAFE!!!!!


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