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Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Make Your Hair Healthier and Shinier!

If you are anything like me, you have, at some time in your life struggled with Brillo Pad hair. That is, hair that breaks easily, frizzes like crazy and just looks gross! Often, our hair gets this way either from medicinal use, over processing, heat appliances or from just not creating enough sebum in the scalp to create beautiful hair.

I am going to give a few pointers that has changed my hair and my life. Most people reading this will be like..."These pointers actually changed your life?" I know, it sounds extreme and vain, but it is true. Hair is a BIG deal in people's lives. Why do you think that laser that grows hair is selling like crazy with men and women? People want hair and not just a few strands blowing in the wind. We want to be like that old Vidal Sassoon Commercial. You know, that person walking out of the salon looking incredibly sensational!

It took me a long time to feel good about my hair. Even before I was diagnosed with cancer, my hair was good, but it wasn't great. I wanted strong and healthy hair. I had good hair but it was delicate. When I brushed it, I could feel myself squinting when I ran a comb through it because I knew it was breaking. I had those crazy hairs like the character Pig Pen from Charlie Brown around my part that I always used product on and I always had bangs because the hair around my face never grew long due to breakage.

I knew I had to make big changes if I wanted the hair I desired. I researched and learned that the shampoos I was using before I made my own Locks Of Fame, had sulfates in them. Sulfates are synthetic detergents which strip away oils and the protective barriers. In addition, it also roughs up the cuticle of the hair, making it appear dull, dry and damaged. The stripping action contributes to increased porosity which makes for a dull appearance and more problems with frizz and manageability. It has even been linked to follicular damage and can potentially contribute to hair loss and we DO NOT want that!!! Synthetic sulfates are also toxins and a possible carcinogen. Many people think that their hair is only clean if they get piles of lather. Yet, studies have found that larger amounts of lather simply equate to excessively stripping, drying and corroding the delicate surface of the hair. So if you're not using Locks Of Fame shampoo then please make sure the product you are using is sulfate-free!

I NEED conditioner because my hair is super thick. Many people with fine hair would do well not to use a conditioner even if it is natural. If you are like me and you need to use a conditioner then please, do yourself a big favor and use one like Locks Of Fame conditioner that is natural and without silicones. Silicones are synthetic ingredients with words usually ending in 'cone'. They are plastic like and put a sealant on the hair. At first the hair can behave healthy and look shiny but after prolong use these silicones prevent moisture and weigh hair down which can lead to brittle, frizzy hair that breaks easily.

Silicones are often found in styling products as well as conditioners. Hair professionals often warn us that we should be protecting our hair before using heat appliances because the prolonged heat on the hair will lead to damage. We want to use a product like the No Scary Hairy that naturally protects the hair from heat appliances with its unique mix of protective, nurturing oils and avocado butter. The ingredients in the Scary mimic the sebum that is naturally found in the scalp. People with beautiful hair have just the right amount of sebum in their scalp. If you are on medication, the hair is overprocessed, or for hereditary reasons, you do not produce the sebum that we want, then, we need to use a product that tricks the scalp into thinking it is getting what it needs. Ater a while the hair will respond the way we want it to. We do not want our shine to come from a polymer like silocone which gives the illusion of shine. We want the shine to come from natural properly hydrated, healthy hair.

Lastly, the styling tools we use are VERY important. Please remember that if you want healthier hair that it is not only a commitment, but an investment. You must sink a little cash into this mission. You might think these tools are pricey at first, but I promise you that they are worth every penny and they last. First, you need a wide tooth comb. This item is low cost and is a MUST HAVE when combing wet hair. Drop into your local Sally's or TJ Maxx. You can pick one up for 1.99. Do it and you will save your strands. Combing wet hair with any old brush or comb when it is wet and fragile is asking for trouble. Next, get a great brush like the Acca Kappa Beechwood Brush . It is 70.00 but it has changed my hair. It is ergonomically designed to reduce breakage and reduce static. I LOVE this brush and you will too!!!! By the way, please brush your hair from the bottom first and then run the brush from root to tip. many people make the mistake of getting up first thing in the morning with bed head and brushing their hair. The hair needs a little respect. Trust me, you will like how it responds. Finally, if you use a hair dryer and most of us do, I recommend the Harry Josh Pro 2000 . It is fantastic. Again, it is pricey but it dries hair in half the time, reduces energy consumption by 70% and is super super CUTE! It usually takes me forever to dry my hair and not only does my hair dry fast, but the ION technology makes it respond like a salon blowout.

I sure hope this information was helpful. Guys, you don't have to use the suggested products. I have been asked about may hair for a long time and just thought I would finally let you guys in on what has helped me achieve healthier hair.

XX- Blaire


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