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Friday, January 11, 2013

YAY!!!! So all of you know that Pristine Beauty is all about problem solving or solving MY problems which seem to be somewhat universal considering our following. That said, we are so proud to introduce Suga Suga WOO! WOO! which is a facial exfoliating polish to our line. I have been hounded to come out with a cleanser and that has been formulated and will be introduced very soon; but to me, I thought this product was a MUST HAVE - so here is. I will be doing a video for this product, as I do all of the products, in the next day or so. It will be posted on our YouTube Channel and subsequently uploaded onto the Suga product page for reference.

You know, the key to great looking skin is a clean healthy diet, but it is also exfoliation and hydration. We have taken care of the hydration with our Hooray For Brallywood Butta, but now we can exfoliate AND hydrate with Suga Suga WOO! WOO!. We are excited about the product because it is different than most other facial exfoliators on the market. Not only is it generously sized like all our other products, but the ingredients are naturally cutting edge. We mix extra fine sugar with Shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, which in the right consistencies will not clog pores, are easily absorbed and loaded with vitamins. Then, we pack it full of seaweed which balances, hydrates the skin and adding a protective barrier on the skin for any free radical damage that might come our way. Maqui Berry or Chilean wine berry is our power punch and has the highest antioxidant power than any known super fruit while drenching our skin in vitamin C. This is a cutting edge ingredient and we are lucky to introduce it into our pretty polish! We knew this had to be extra special so we added MORE antioxidant power of additional Vitamin C and rose hips seed oil. Our customers always comment on the scents of our products which ALL come from natural sources like essential oils and extracts. We call the scent of the SUGA "Candy Mint". It is a mix of vanilla and Peppermint. Mint has an amazing way of soothing the senses and making you feel refreshed, but at the same time it contains natural vitamin A and has been known to strengthen the outer layer of the skin and for someone like me that is getting older....this is GREAT!!!

As usual the packaging is recyclable. I try to use glass as much as I can. I know that some people prefer the plastic for fear of dropping in the shower, but when I can get it and I can modify it for a product I will use it. Even though our packaging is BPA free you just KNOW with glass that there is not a chance of chemicals leaching so the suga comes in a glass jar with a BPA free lid! We have also added a little scoop because I prefer not to dip my hands into a clean product and I thought I would pass that along just incase you prefer that way of using the polish as well.

I will give ways I use it in my upcoming video. I have had the pleasure of using this for a while now and paired with the Brallywood, my makeup has never gone on smoother and my skin has never looked fresher. My husband LOVES it, so it's good that the size is generous because I have a feeling you'll be sharing.

**I promise to write more!!!


  • Looking forward to your new facial scrub. I love using the facial lotion. I have noticed that the delicious smelling lotion is fading the spots on my hands. Score!

    By Anonymous kimithy, At February 28, 2014 at 12:56 PM  

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