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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Change your life....NO JOKE!

Many of you know that I spend a lot of time demoing at stores. Some might think that I am just peddling products but for me it is so much more.

I recently did a demo and a woman approached my table thanking me for what I was doing. I get this a lot and "what I am doing" is nothing short of trying to make people aware that there are options to being and staying healthy, not only personal care but in other areas of your life, by making a few simple choices. This is not a chore for me and I actually LOVE doing it. I think taking time to talk to people about the advantages of living healthy rather than selling the goods is OK with me. You see, one of the charities Pristine Beauty donates to is the Cancer Prevention Coalition founded by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein (author and distinguished professor at the University Of Chicago). They are trying tirelessly to alert people to carcinogens in not only personal care but in so may other things we encounter in our everyday lives.

Please do not stop reading this because YOU have never had cancer and it hasn't happened to you. The fact is, you don't know if it will and if there are choices you can make that will not only make you look better but more importantly make you FEEL better wouldn't you do it?

The woman I met at the demo was very emotional because she too was a survivor of cancer and was just overwhelmingly crushed that her oncologist and other doctors have never brought up the issue of diet and exercise. It is true for me, too. My doctors never spoke to me about what I was eating or if I was exercising. I think I never really focused in on that fact because I always had been a huge veggie lover and avid exerciser. Besides the cancer, I was in good shape, I thought. Yet, why aren't there books at the oncology office like The Raw Foods Bible, The Engine 2 Diet (which is NOT a diet but a way of life) and Eat To Live rather than Woman's day and Good Housekeeping? Why isn't there a nutritionist on staff or lifestyle expert to consult with? Our lives have already changed dramatically so why not change it for the better? We are there to live, right?

Well the truth is, we are in charge of our destiny. You could say that we see our "cancer doctor" to prescribe the right treatment and shouldn't that include the right diet and exercise? But it doesn't and that is unfortunate. There are actually little candies in a jar as I check out at my doctors office. My goal is not to bash the oncologist (I happen to love mine!)because when you get Chemo your mouth gets incredibly DRY which might be the reason for the special treat as you leave. Who knows?

I can't begin to tell you how I got cancer. Why I was diagnosed young and don't carry the breast cancer gene....who knows?! I will tell you that the MOMENT that I heard that cancer was in my body, my goal was to get rid of it and my mission was to make decisions in my life that would impact my health for the better. People ask me all the time what I do to stay healthy.

Here is what I do:

I am vegan (was not before cancer)

I eat an almost raw food diet and love it. (was not before cancer - Raw Foods Bible is fantastic for learning)

I exercise 5 to 6 days a week (Tracy Anderson, The Bar Method, Element Ballet Conditioning and Physique 57)

You do not have to be vegan or eat raw to make significant changes in your health. I am lucky that I was born LOVING veggies and fruits so eating them is not gross or a chore. If you do not find them enjoyable try and introduce yourself to more every week. The more you eat them, the more you will learn to like them. Your body will begin to detox from the artificial preservatives and saturated fats. You will begin to feel better the healthier you eat. You will begin to notice that the burger and fries you splurged on the night before makes you FEEL different the day after. You might think twice when ordering it again. Adding a little exercise into your day will not only prolong your life but your body will thank you. You see, one body is all we have in this lifetime. We need to preserve it and treat it with respect. When you are treated with disrespect there are consequences. Trust me, you don't want something to bite you in the ass later on.

Most of my customers have NEVER had a health issue. They just don't want one. Know this, you are NOT invincible. Smarten up. The produce aisle is your friend and so are your sneakers. You don't want to be faced with....
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda


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