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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My final destination is....

I have been asked quite a few times how I find balance in my life since my cancer diagnosis. People say, "You are so positive and you seem so happy. How do you do it?" Well, we are all given free will in life and there is one thing we have total control over and that is our mind. I choose to think positively and focus on the present which as long as I am not 6 feet under is pretty darn great. You see, you can train your mind to always be in harmony. Don't get me wrong....I have not arrived at complete harmony YET, but I am working hard to get there. When I read books from authors Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer and spiritual leaders like the Dali Lama, Paul Coutinho SJ, they teach me to come closer to this goal. But you have to WANT to be happy. Your goal has to be wanting MORE. I have never wanted anything more in my life than to find true happiness because when you are happy, you make everyone around you happy. I feel like we all want the same thing in life...happiness, love and harmony but we won't attain these things if we don't want them and willing to work for them.
Thank goodness I grew up in a family that believed in the "Power of Positive Thinking". Even though my parents divorced really early in my life they both truly believed this way and so no matter who I was with at the time and something crappy happened to us, to them our cups were always half full. For a long time I thought they were nuts.

I mean, there was this one time when me, my sister and my dad lived in California on 12 acres of land in a tiny green trailer. My dad didn't have a job but was trying to make this new found career of being a well driller work out. In the process of learning how to run the big well drilling rig he chopped off his thumb. During that same time frame he bought a motorcycle because it was cheaper on gas and got in a huge accident with my sister, had broken ribs and got a hole in his arm. We were so poor that we bought our clothes at LUCKY'S grocery store and my sister and I cut each others hair. But you know what, I never felt poor, ever. I knew we were poor now because I am an adult and kinda remember it all but I mostly remember being really loved and really happy. We might not have had money but I never went without. I don't remember wanting the newest Barbie like my little girl does. I think I was just as happy to find a something like it at a garage sale on a Saturday morning. All that positive thinking rubs off on you after a while.

I don't want everyone to think that I have never cried over my cancer diagnosis or felt sorry for myself about things in my life. I have been very sad at times. Bad things happen to everyone. Cancer was my "bad" thing. But you have to push through it and when bad thoughts creep in "starve the thought". That is, when you are thinking something negative, change the thought immediately to something happy. I think about Dylan my daughter or my wonderful husband or the fact that I am healthy now. The more you do this the more you will train your mind to make those thoughts not welcome. Your focus will be positive. Your life will be different. Postive...Happy....Harmonious

**My next couple blogs will be on how a vegan, predominately raw food diet has changed my life. Myexercise routine and choices you can make in your life to live healthier.


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