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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guilty Pleasures....

THINGS I LOVE that might seem meaningless to some but are happiness to me....

1.MAKEUP (100% Natural... No Parabens, Bismuth, Soy, Nanos, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Talc, etc...

BEST CONCEALER: This Triple Eye Treatment Concealer is by far the BEST concealer I have EVER used. It not only conceals darkness but it doubles as a anti-aging treatment. My eyes never feel dry. It is emollient but will not make your eye makeup smudge or run. See YOUTUBE video for reference....

BEST FOUNDATION AND POWDER: This foundation was introduced to me by an ABC News Correspondent Yunji De Nies. This company is awesome because you can purchase little samples of pretty much everything so you are sure to get the correct shade without a huge investment. Holla for THAT!

The Bamboo yellow face powder is the BEST powder. Your face will look flawless!!!

BEST BLUSH: If you like NARS Orgasm then the color SMITTEN is the color for you. It will last you FOREVER and you will LOVE IT!!

BEST BRONZER: Sumertime Bronzer is just like NARS LAGUNA...AWESOME!!!

BEST EYE SHADOWS and BROWCOLOR: My favorite colors are....In the Garden, On the Boardwalk, Juniper, Starry eyed, Smokey Pink, Hot Chocolate, Little Black Dress and Floating Feathers (Highlight). Any of these colors will create any thing from an awesome Smokey eye to a retro cat eye with perfection.

I use Dark Brown Brow Color because I like my brows darker than my hair color. It just is more defining and I like it.


Liquid The best sugar based VEGAN liner on the market

Powder with staying power These powder colors of Midnight (AWESOME navy) and Raven mixed with the all day staying power of their Organic Color Lock make this a winner!!

This drugstore eyeliner that you can find at most CVS stores is the best all around pencil I have ever used PERIOD. Another good pencil is by Honey Bee Gardens in JET SET

This mascara give long and fat lashes like Dior Show. You can find it at ULTA, Target and CVS as well.


LINER: The color Perfection happens to be my favorite color which is a shade darker than my natural lip color but you might like something different. Whatever color you like they will have it and they are fantastic shades. The lipsticks are nice too but I usually just wear liner with gloss on.

Lip gloss: Clarity and Sheen are my favorites and POLISHED

NAIL POLISH AND REMOVER: You guys...this is by far the BEST nail polish you will EVER use. Forget the fact that all the polishes are 100% VEGAN and Cruelty Free, have been formulated without formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phathalate, Toluene, and Camphor....but they last forever and are completely chip resistant. The remover is a soy base so if you are allergic to soy find something different but this remover not only is completely biodegradable but it smells FABULOUS and nourishes the nails. AMAZING!!

THAT takes care of the makeup happiness that I am proud to share with the world but here are a few ingulgences that are my closet treats.....

It is TRUE.... I LOVE Andy Cohen and indulge in mindless TV like the Real Housewives, Top Chef....all of it! Somehow after a long day working, it is so comforting knowing that there are people out there crazier than ME! WHEW!

Yes ..I have been waiting all year for Big Brother to start again. Tomorrow is the day and I can't WAIT! Bring on the crazy people couped up for weeks and I will leave my issues at the door. For all those judging me for my seemingly ridiculous choices in nighttime TV, I say.... don't be haters. We all have things in our lives that are a little weird or freakish to some and normal to others. I say..."Bravo" to "Big Brother" for a dose of someone else's reality in my "Real World"!


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