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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get HOT from a bottle and not from a burn...OUCH!

Ok so, let's get real here....Summer is coming and we all want to look HOT...or at least a little cuter and THINNER in our shorts, and God forbid swimsuit. There is just something about a day at the beach that makes me feel a little less beastly in my short shorts. Why is that? I am pretty sure I have it figured out....a TAN!!!!! A little color just seems to camouflage that cellulite on the back of my thighs that it seems I have worked my entire LIFE to get rid of. Unfortunately, the beach is 2 hours away. We don't have a pool and I am certainly not brave enough, nor would I subject my friendly neighbors to to sight of me in the front yard catching some rays...NO WAY!!!!! But most importantly... TOO MUCH sun can cause skin cancer. One of the deadliest forms of cancer these days which many people don't really take seriously until a weird looking mole shows up and a chunk of your face or another part of your body has to be removed. Then we take notice and only THEN do we recall slathering ourselves in baby oil from 10-2pm and thinking that might not have been the wisest decision. My history of breast cancer and my ghostly pale skin has made me a regular customer in my dermatology office getting skin checks every 6 months.

Don't get me wrong....I LOVE being out in the sun. But you better know that sunscreen is my friend. A REALLY good friend. It saves my skin from cancer and my face from WRINKLES and the last thing I saw embracing a wrinkle was my daughters box of raisins in the cupboard. So what do we do? HOW can we get that sun-kissed glow, hide our dimply thighs and make us look like we have a little muscle tone? SUNLESS TANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, sunless tanner is a gift from God! But let me emphasize that not all tanners are created equal. Some tanners make you look like a relative of the sweet potato and some make you smell like stinky feet. There are others that make you look like you have a skin disease with a lovely streaky effect and then there are those that you don't have a clue what is in them and if they are actually safer then a day at the beach without sunscreen. The truth is that the FDA has not regulated the cosmetics industry in over 70 years and THAT is scary. Companies don't have to actually divulge everything that is in a cosmetic product. That is, they might only name the ingredients deemed safe and not mention the sketchy ones. Pristine Beauty is an open book. We name every ingredient in our products because we want you not only to be the safest you can be, but we want to give you the opportunity to research our ingredients and decide for yourself what is the best product for you. We feel our sunless tanner, "Sunless Strip", is the BEST tanner on the market. The ingredient that tans the skin sounds scary but it is really natural. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a colorless carbohydrate that comes from sugar beets. We have anti-oxidants like green tea which studies have shown protects against skin cancer, reduces sun damage and helps slow down the aging process. Shea butter and cocoa butter both improve skin tone and neutralize free radicals that destroy skin cells and lead to premature aging. Those are just a few of the awesome ingredients in our Sunless Strip that make it a cut above the rest. It is certified vegan, gluten free, mineral oil free, paraben and phthalate free.

Here at Pristine Beauty we LOVE our stars, but that big old sun is one star Hollywood pin-ups need to careful of. That is if you want to look like Brigitte, Marilyn or Grace and not a sun worshipping leather face....OUCH! Take our advice...Get hot from a bottle and NOT from a burn!


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