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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok so... to some this logo means nothing ONLY because you have never experienced this AWESOME store in the ultra cool WEST VILLAGE of New York City and to those of you who do know the logo and name....well then you are REALLY happy for us! Getting into this store is HUGE for any cosmetics company but for a little (but growing) one like Pristine Beauty, this feat proves to me that hard work and some serious good karma pays off.
CO Bigelow is a 168 year old apothecary and for decades has been the destination stop for diserning New Yorkers (including CELEBRITIES), fashionistas, neighborhood dwellers and those from far away who know it is renowned for only carrying the hippest, coolest and most talked about products!!! Our current customers that keep coming back already know how awesome Pristine Beauty products are. Whole Foods market really legitimized our brand and now with CO Bigelow on board, the possibilites are endless. We are all about providing effective products that are beautiful and we are begining to get recognized for it! SWEET!!!

There is a NEW Whole Foods opening here in North Raleigh and we are SOOOOO EXCITED. Not only will Pristine Beauty be there of course but we will be demoing during the Grand Opening week!! One thing I LOVE about Whole Foods Market is the fact that they are all different. They all encompass the same fabulous people which is one reason why Whole foods continues to be touted as the #1 company to work for by FORBES magazine. They have a knack for hiring hardworking people that are sincerely helpful, but they do not discriminate when a Team Member brings his or her own sense of style and finesse to the job. I LOVE Whole Foods and each one we get into is a sheer blessing. I thank my lucky stars everyday for being recognized by them for my quality products and am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to share them with others!

We have a new YouTube channel. I decided to start this channel because I have had so many questions on the products, their many uses, ingredients and how to use them. I figured the best way to find out is from me doing tutorials on them. I really love doing them because it gives you guys a chance to meet me and realize how sincere I am in providing the best and safest products. A product can look cool but if it doesn't work...who cares, RIGHT?!

I really care and I hope you will watch them and give me feedback...not on how weird I look PLEASE....LORD PLEASE! But do tell me things that you would like me to demo or speak about. I plan on doing videos on all the makeup I use which is asked constantly. No one believes that the makeup I use is natural, probably because I like more makeup than most. I think it is fun to play with makeup and many don't realize that you can find 100%natural makeup on the market that does the same thing as chemically laden cosmetics for the same price or LESS!!! I also know people in the beauty industry from my years of modeling and will be doing fun videos on up and coming trends and HOW TO tips on things I have found helpful in everday life.

I love to get suggestions on anything so please let me know. Our contact info is on the website or just feel free to leave comments on the YouTube site or on the bottom of this blog! Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks guys!!!


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