Pristine Beauty

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Share Your Story

So I thought this would be a great opportunity to give everyone the opportunity to "Share Your Story" of why you like Pristine Beauty products. People tell me everyday how much they love these products and it makes me feel AWESOME! I know they are great products because we seriously would not have started the company if they hadn't worked for me. It is nice to know that I was right in bringing them to market. This company is so much more to me than providing natural cosmetics and when I receive correspondence via email or phone from people telling me how the Brallywood has changed there life and how they finally have nice hair because of the No Scary Hairy it means so much because I ran around with ratty hair and unattractive skin for so long. I know what it means to look and feel good again. It isn't vanity for people to want to feel attractive. The reality is that we are judged constantly by our outward appearance. When I was going through my cancer treatment, although I felt really good inside...on the outside I looked like crap and so people naturally assumed I was sicker than I was. That is when you get the "Oh are you feeling?".....OH YUCK! I know they meant well in caring but it was a gross pity party and I hated it. I wanted to scream "I am WONDERFUL damnit....yeah, I had cancer....I am being treated for it...and it shows....NEXT!" But you can't so that is one reason why I was so desperate to find natural solutions for dry, unmanageble hair that wouldn't grow and a cream that would breathe life back into my face and body. Pristine Beauty is pure beauty with a Glam spin and I love you?
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