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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I would like everyone to read this link I have provided at the bottom of this blog that was recently posted on the Total Beauty website ( You can find all kinds of unsolicited reviews on all your favorite beauty Pristine Beauty! You can type in our name and a listing of our products will come up and you can read the good, bad and ugly on any product listed. Thankfully, we have had many good reviews and we hope it stays that way. But we are the proud signers of The Compact For Safe Cosmetics and it is our pledge to you as a consumer to provide safe and toxic free products.
The point of this blog and really the big mission of Pristine Beauty is not only producing EFFECTIVE products that are seriously NATURAL and good for the body, but to educate people on potential toxins and carcinogens in everyday products promoted and deemed as safe!!! One of the charities we donate to is the Cancer Prevention Coalition. It was founded by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein and he has written many many books on the subject. His books are a big reason why I was determined to make my own 100% natural products in my kitchen that I knew for certain were "Pristine" in nature! I have many friends that are scaling back the parabens and phthalates, which is fine I suppose; because less is in fact better. Then I have those friends that just don't want to know. WHY NOT, I wonder? Many think "It seems like everything these days causes cancer!!". It seems that way I guess, but it is really NOT true. It is a fact that there are more things in the air, water and food we ingest that are more harmful than they were many years ago; but if you could cut down your risk, wouldn't you want to? GOD gave us all freewill....please open your eyes and make wiser and healthier choices for yourself an your family. It could prolong, and who knows....maybe even save your life or someone you love!!!!!


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