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Monday, August 9, 2010


OK so... your hair looks like this and you want it to look...well, NOT like this? GREAT! In your quest for a fabulous Coiffure you came upon THIS..."No Scary Hairy"!!

You read about the founder of Pristine Beauty, Blaire Kessler and how her hair transformed from a gross looking, Brillo Pad head, to hair that is once again soft, long and healthy looking again, using this this product. Reading the 100% natural ingredients, knowing the research involved and feeling hopeful, you purchase the serum. You wait in anticipation for it's arrival...The mail carrier comes, you open it and have no freaking idea how to use it! I am to answer pretty much everything about this serum because no one knows it better than me. I created this from tons and tons of research on ancient cultures and what they used back in the day for hair issues. I researched Egyptians, Africans, Hindi, Asians, Grecian and Native Americans and came up with what I believe is the greatest hair product out there. I mean, there is a reason that the people of India are 70 years old and still have thick beautiful black hair and it is NOT just diet.

Please look at the ingredients in this product and you will find pure ingredients with no preservatives. One of the main ingredients in this serum is jojoba oil. You might be freaked out that this product is oil based. Do NOT be scared! We must have oils in our hair. We all have sebum that comes from the scalp that is the carrier of the nutrients we need to produce lush healthy hair. Some of us produce enough of this naturally and look like Rapunzel and others of us because of stress, genes or in my case medicinal use from cancer treatment, need help. The jojoba oil mimics the sebum we naturally produce in the scalp, so when you trick your scalp into thinking it is getting the nutrients it craves, ultimately with continued use, the hair will respond the way we want it to. Jojoba oil also helps eliminate build up on the scalp and hair which is why you can use this as a daily leave-in conditioning serum. Rosemary Oil will promote hair growth and help eliminate breakage. The Avocado Butter naturally protects the hair from heat appliances and squalane and rose hips seed oil infuse nutrients into the hair. I could go on and on but if you look in the box there is an insert that will explain all the ingredients and what they will do for your hair and SKIN! Yes...SKIN! This is an amazing serum under the eyes as an anti-aging serum. It has high concentrations of rose hips and squalane and those are HUGE anti-agers so try it. I use it every night and it works!

How to use this product on the hair:

1. You can use it as a weekly deep conditioning serum. Wet the hair and put in 1 or 2 pumps on shorter hair or 2 to 3 pumps on longer hair (ONLY use this much for a weekly treatment). Leave on all night and wash and condition as usual in the morning.

2. You can use this as a leave-in daily serum. One dry hair, pump a SMALL amount into the palm of your hand and rub palms together. Work through the hair from TIP to root. When I use it like this, I like to activate the serum with a little heat. The avocado butter naturally protects the hair from heat appliances so by heating the serum that is on the hair, you will be infusing the nutrients into the shaft and it will help smooth the cuticle, add shine and condition at the same time. REMEMBER...LESS is MORE. The tag line for this product is "Don't OVER-DO or you will have LIMP LOCKS"!

3. This is my favorite way to use this product....I wash and condition my hair with Locks Of Fame. Towel dry. You do not want this product on soaking wet hair. You want the oils to adhere to the hair. If the hair is too wet then the entire hair will not be coated properly. When the hair is towel dried, pump the correct amount into your hair. This part is a little tough considering I can not see your hair, but usually 1 pump is good for short to medium hair thick hair. If your hair is short and fine 1/2 pump is all you need. 2 to 3 pumps for long hair. Pump into the palms of your hands and rub together. work through the hair from TIP to root. Use a wide tooth comb and evenly distribute throughout the hair. Heat style as usual.**I tell people to use some on one side of their hair and not on the other. You will see a difference the first time you use it, so much so that you will immediately want to put it in the side that does not have the product in it.

This is a transforming product. Over time, your hair will look awesome!

1/2 pump short fine hair

1 pump short to medium hair thick hair

2 to 3 pumps long hair (work with it and you be the know your hair best)

We are always available with questions so feel free to email ....and cheers to NO SCARY HAIRY!!!

***This product is VERY long lasting.


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