Pristine Beauty

Friday, July 30, 2010

You have GOT to be KIDDING......

Could Pristine Beauty get any luckier then being a feature story in Woman's World Magazine? WOW! I just feel so blessed in every way. It is funny, I just had to stick up for WW the other day because many people view this magazine as fluff and a magazine that sends a bad message to people trying to lose weight; referring, I am sure, to the vibrantly colored diet covers that catch the readers eye in the grocery stores and seem to reel people in. Some people feel that the diets featured are unrealistic and promote an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, the articles and features are ridiculous and meaningless.

I can understand the thought about constantly promoting the new "popular" diet and only having dieters on the cover but I for one have found a wealth of healthful and helpful information in almost ALL of the articles written. I have often ripped pages out of my Woman's World and brought it to my local Whole Foods Market in search of a supplement that I feel will benefit me. Woman's World also has wonderful recipes (not that I cook...but the food sure looks GOOOOD)! It is relatively inexpensive and I feel every page is chock full of tips and tricks to make everyday life a little more manageable.

PLUS, I am a testament to the wonderful thing Woman's World is trying to do and that is to create awareness of companies like mine that are trying to do the right thing in the world. They didn't have to acknowledge me at all, but they DID, and that says it all for me.

***We are in many Whole Foods across the USA, but if PRISTINE BEAUTY is not in your neck of the woods YET....please rip your Pristine Beauty page out and bring it to your local Whole Foods and ask for us. We are a little company with big dreams to be in all Whole Foods across the country. Everyone needs effective products and a little Hollywood Glamour Naturally!

*****My next blog will be a detailed description on how to use the No Scary Hairy!!!