Pristine Beauty

Friday, October 2, 2009

What THIS month means to me......

It is October 2009 and I thought long and hard about what my blog should be about and as I was looking through some photos that answer was clear.
I have survived cancer now for 41/2 years thanks in large part to these two people, my husband Rod and my beautiful little girl Dylan. I mean that quite literally with my daughter because it was she who kicked me where the cancer was 41/2 years ago which led me to having an early stage diagnosis of breast cancer. Who knows if I would have found it on my own and in time. She is my angel and I thank God everyday for the blessing of being her Mom. She brings such joy into my life and I often wonder what I did to deserve such a sensitive, compassionate, loving and beautiful little girl who is also unbelievably smart....and then I think silly me, as everyone can plainly see....she is exactly like her DADDY, not just in looks but in every way. husband. What a truly wonderful man. Have you ever heard that saying "You find out who your real friends are when something bad happens"? I have a REAL friend here. I learned that a cancer diagnosis is not only the monkey on my back, when you're married and have kids, its everyones burden to carry and some can't handle it. Then there are those like my husband who handled it with compassion, strength and admirable decency that I often wonder if I would have been so honorable if the tables were turned. I'd like to believe I would because I am deeply in love with my husband.
All that said....October's Breast Cancer Awareness month means that I am reminded once again how blessed and grateful I am to my family for not only having a big part of saving my life but adding so much to the rest of my life!!!!!