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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ahhhh...those Pretty Things...

How I love them, covet them and how I am oh so driven to find out how I can make our products better, more effective and on trend!

First, I would like to announce that Pristine Beauty was just notified by Natural Solutions Magazine that our deodorant Take A Whiff! is an award WINNER in their Cosmetics With A Conscience 2009 Beauty Awards!!!! This is an awesome feat for a company that just celebrated its first year on the market. The awards will be featured in their October issue so if you want to check it out!! We of course will post it on our press page when the issue is released.

Now for a few tips of the trade that I have learned while using my products. As most of you know, I originally developed my products in my kitchen for myself. Now that they are professionally manufactured by high profile chemists, I must say that they are better than ever. Nonetheless, before I was diagnosed with cancer and never gave a care in the world to the ingredients in my "Pretty Things"....I used and LOVED and practically foamed at the mouth for the oh so FAB Creme De La Mer. Oh yeah, that stuff is expensive but even when I was in college I would work a second job, use the weekly money my parents sent me for just about anything to get my hands on that jar of cream. I NEVER bad mouth any line but for me and the beliefs I have on product ingredients now, I simply chose to (and it was hard at first) abstain from using the pretty little cream in the procelain jar. My bank account was freakin' thrilled but I still longed for it. Why? What was in this product that made me swoon like my first boyfriend?

Well...I did a little research and I found that the active ingredient that makes it so F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S is bio-fermented Sea do you want to know what I did? I googled this ingredient and bought some. Then took my Mack Daddy skin cream Hooray For Brallywood Butta and I mixed in the sea kelp and a very powerful anti-ager squalane and came up with a facial moisturizer that is freakin' AWESOME and it works BETTER than CDLM.....did you hear me....better and it is NATURAL and cheaper. Plus, for $230.00 you can by a 2oz jar of Creme De La Mer and if you make mine, you will have 5oz for powerful LUX cream for a bit over $36.00. NOW THAT is a TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another tip for No Scary Hairy. First, you can use this serum so many ways but I have to tell you that you MUST try it for your hair if you want the best hair of your life. I am NOT kidding people. It is a coveted product at Whole Foods and a repeat product by my customers. I will make your hair stronger, better conditioned, it won't be fragile and the ingredients promote hair growth. I almost cry when I tell people about this product because it has transformed my hair and my life. I know...I sounds pathetic to say that but for anyone who has had very intimate and traumatic issues with your hair then you know that when your hair looks pretty...its a Hell of a GOOD DAY!!!! Please do not worry that your hair will be oily. It will not especially when used as directed. One of the main ingredients is jojoba oil which actually eliminates build-up, Avocado butter which is a natural protectant from heat appliances and ylang ylang which adds brilliant shine. There are so many other ingredients that make this hair product a super star and not SCARY at all.
**Please do note that as the temperatures decrease the avocado butter will thicken a bit. It will still work amazingly but if it bothers you just get a hot glass of water and put your bottle into it for a bit and the avocado will liquefy

Now for my last little tip for Take A Whiff! the AWARD WINNING deodorant. Even though this deodorant has a pro-biotic in it to inhibit bacteria, tangerine oil to stimulate the lymphatic system, and organic white sage to inhbit is a fact that the ONLY thing that will actually eliminate sweating under the arm is the chemical and potential toxin aluminum chlohydrate which we will never ever use. That said, what can you do when your hormones are out of wack and the temperature is blazing? ???....Apply Take A Whiff! on totally DRY underarms....DRY. Then take a powder brush and some Arm & Hammer baking soda and lightly dust under the arms. Trust me, this tip works and you will thank me for it because you can still use your natural deodorant and stay pretty darn dry. Remember, you can apply Take A Whiff! as often as you like with the knowledge that you are treating yourself and your body with a nurturing product that will actually enhance your health and wellbeing!!!

Remember...more Pretty Things are on the way soon that will make you lose your pretty little mind!!!!


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