Pristine Beauty

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belly up to the Barre!!!

FINALLY! I have found a workout that not only brings me back to my memories as a dancer but also KICKS MY BUTT! My addiction....The Bar Method. It is a series of exercises that utilizes major and minor muscles, puts no strain on the joints and creates long lean enviable lines of a dancers physique.
I am a thin person and relatively young but I have noticed that through the last 4 years of undergoing cancer treatment and the medication putting me in temporary early menopause that my body was becoming soft and mushy. I was still fitting into my bathing suit and I looked good in my jeans but underneath when the jeans and the cover-up was off I frankly didn't look and feel as strong as I felt mentally. I spoke to my husband at length about what I could do to tighten up. The gym was out because of time and we have no help with my 4 year old and my husband gets home too late from work. I am not a least not on my own in 100 degree weather but I wanted desperately to get it together. I did some research on successful DVDs and I started with Element: Ballet Conditioning with Elisse Gulan which I LOVE and integrated into my week of working out. For my cardio I use SHAPES 20 Minute Makeover also with Elisse Gulan (she is a fabulous motivator, yet the DVD I cannot do without everyday is The Bar Method. You do not need a ballet bar for this workout but if you have a portable one that is awesome. I use a sturdy chair and it works just the same. The cellulite will disapate, you will tone up and you will FEEL so good and energized!
I have been going hardcore on my workouts for the past month and will continue...The greatest thing for me is that I WANT to workout. I feel so good when my muscles burn so bad it hurts (only for a few minutes). You see, when you work your muscles to fatigue then there is maximum calorie burn and you are building lean muscle....not bulking up.
Mind Body Spirit...I have come so far changing my mind, building my spirit and now my body will be on point!!!!!!!!!! These changes are HEALTHY and that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey Ya'll.....

Sad eh....about Michael Jackson. So sudden it kinda freaked me out! I feel at peace with it now though because I think he was troubled throughout his life and now he might be able to feel peace within himself as an angel. No one knows whether or not he ever did terrible things to children he encountered. We can surmise whatever we want and judge him for what we THINK he did but the truth is, he was acquitted of all charges in a court of law and I am trying to live these days according to God's law and not judge him. I believe Jesus said, "He who is without sin may cast the first stone".....and I know I am not about to even kick a pebble Michael's way that is for sure!!!! Michael Jackson brought a lot of joy into my life growing up. I remember crying like a loon when I saw him on TV performing Billie Jean is Not My Lover....I lost it when he did the moon walk. I mean, who dances like that? I danced ballet, tap, jazz and modern for years and sure I can dance but Michael was a freak of nature. Let's just say...I couldn't have held a candle. I hope he rests in peace. NOW he never has to worry about his skin color, face shape, growing old with wrinkles and all the inner demons that seemed to plague him all these years.

Now to the FABULOUS Farrah Fawcett who in my opinion was the most beautiful celebrity ever....besides Marilyn Monroe. I don't know what it was about Farrah but I always admired her for her acting ability which she really never seemed to get praise. She was awesome in the Burning Bed and Extremities. Yet, she is only remembered mostly for Charlies Angels and most people don't realize that she was only an angel for one year....CRAZY because it seemed like more didn't it?
I mostly admired Farrah for her strength in her battle with cancer. Being a cancer survivor myself and one who is thankful to God for every day I wake up cancer free, I know her fight and it can be a daunting one. She was one tough girl and NEVER gave up. They say she shouldn't have lived as long as she did but to me she out lived her prognosis because of her relentless positive attitude. I try so hard to reinforce the POWER of positive thinking on my website and how if you think and visualize yourself well....YOU WILL is the law of the UNIVERSE and it works!!!!!!!!!!
Farrah and Michael, you died on the same day and you both brought so much into the world. You have blessed us with your talents and we can feel peace and joy now knowing you both are lucky enough to be in a better place.