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Monday, June 8, 2009

Who's That Girl in the BEFORE & AFTER?

Hey Everyone! I wanted you all to know that the before and after pictures on my website are ME. Actually, the BEFORE as horrible as it looks was not the worst. I was happy at the before picture because I had been using No Scary Hairy for 2 months and my hair was actually growing and not breaking off. The BEFORE was also when I told my husband what I had been doing with the little extra we had....that I was going to the health food store and buying roots, oils and other ingredients to make a product to help me.
My husband was impressed himself with the BEFORE so we decided to photograph it then and again in 3 months which you see here in the AFTER. Now you can see my hair AFTER 2 years on the PRODUCERS page on my website and on the press page where you can see me doing my appearances and my hair has NEVER looked prettier...even before I was diagnosed with cancer and I am still on medication. This product is WONDERFUL!!!! It lasts a VERY VERY long time and you can use it everyday without build-up because of the Jojoba in it that eliminates build-up from the hair. It has Avocado Butter in it that is a natural heat protectant (flat iron, Blow Dryer) and Ylang,Ylang which adds enormous shine to the hair. I ask that you please look at my press section (not where the magazines are but where you can download product information). It will tell you the reason for every single ingredient in this serum. Unlike many other products on the market, there is a reason for all my ingredients. They are simply created to nourish the skin and hair and my products do. They work and with continued use....YOU will see for yourself!!!!!


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