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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It seems like just yesterday when Dylan was this little and now she is 4 1/2....and my life just seems to get better and better!!!!!

This little pumpkin needs to do NOTHING to remind me how LUCKY I am to be her Mommy! I look at that face every minute of every day and thank my lucky stars to be alive and well so I can help her brush her teeth, brush the rats nest out of her hair, pick up the toys that are all over the house 17 times or more a day, do more laundry than 3 people should ever go through in a week and much much more. It is all my pleasure and I never ever thought I would be happy to do those things. In fact, I am now heeding the words of those older than me and savoring every nose wipe and assistance in the potty because soon I will just be in the way of a much older "little girl".

Time just goes by so fast. I love when my little girl needs to give me 10 hugs and kisses before I go shopping. I love it when really extra embarrassing spontaneous cute words come out of her mouth. I love it that she needs her Mommy and wants me least anytime her Dad isn't there who happens to be the "Party Train" in our house and is the top dog in Dylan's eyes. Nonetheless, I will happily take sloppy seconds to Dad because as a Mother, even sloppy seconds fills me up quite nicely!!! We are all so lucky to be Moms, have Moms or know someone who is like a Mom to us or our children so enjoy your day....all the hard work is worth it!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


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