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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung the Grass is riz I wonders wheres the FLOWERS is.....

YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am freaking out. I have been waiting and waiting for this day!!!! To me it is the BEST time of the year. It smells good, looks beautiful and well life just seems so sweet!!!!

I hope everyone takes time to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy every day as if it were your last. Do some things that you haven't done in a while or do something you have yet to do. What is that saying Carpe Diem...seize the day!

Do yourself a favor and be nice to people. If the driver in front of you isn't going fast enough or you lost 20 bucks....shake it off. Don't get yourself all bent out of shape because it will do no good. The dudes takin' a Sunday drive and the 20 is dust in the wind....BIG DEAL!!!!! You are alive and kickin' and think about it this are able to drive and there are SOOOO many who aren't that fortunate to have a car or don't have, for whatever reason the luxury of limbs and sight to peddle around town AND the 20... maybe the it landed in the lap of someone who just lost their job and has a family to feed. I promise that if you try and train yourself to relax and take a deep breath when things don't go exactly as planned you will start to see the bright side of things you once viewed as obstacles.

Happy Spring....and more importantly HAPPY EASTER to come. It is my favorite holiday. I am catholic and am very devoted to my faith. God Bless and don't forget to get yer self a perty dress...tis definitely the season girls!!!!


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