Pristine Beauty

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make the most of your Pristine Beauty!!!!

How lucky we are to be exposed to so many different nationalities and their unique practices that are handed down from the past by tradition. I have learned so much through my journey of creating a 100% natural cosmetics range.

As most of you know, in my desperate search for all natural solutions to my freako out of control hair and bright red scars, I had to read extensively about different cultures, such as the Native Americans, Chinese, Africans, Grecian, Sanskrit Hindi and Egyptians. Almost every ingredient incorporated in all Pristine Beauty products I learned from these cultures would heal, renew, regrow and soothe the hair and skin. As a matter of fact, many of the ingredients do so much more.

For instance, the No More Scary Hairy is NOT just a hair and scalp revival serum. This product is pretty much the greatest product I have ever used in my life. Yes, it is fabulous on the hair and it has done wonders for mine but I also use it at night as an anti-aging serum. It has high concentrations of Rose-hips Seed Oil and Squalane which both have been touted as the most potent natural anti-aging oils around. My Sister says that my skin is flawless and has never looked better. This means a lot because I had many acne scars from years past and they are almost non-existant....REMEMBER....Rose-Hips Seed Oil fades scars which is why it is in the Brallywood too. Keep the Scary by your nightstand and after you use it before bed on your face, rub the rest into your cuticles. You will wake up refreshed, renewed and overtime have knock-out nails!!!!!!!!

Now for the Hooray For Brallywood Butta....are you kidding me....sometimes I have to actually pinch myself and realize that I had a hand in this seriously AWESOME cream. It not only faded my scars but it smells wonderful, is very light and still VERY emollient, and is an excellent anti-aging moisturizer. I am not just tooting my horn. Please...after I handed my original recipes over to the professional chemists for refining and testing, it was those brilliant people that truly make this product superior. I believe Pristine Beauty products are a wonderful value. Some people may think they are pricey but they really aren't when you think that they are created with the finest 100% natural and organic ingredients and a little goes a very long way...a little dab will do ya!! I have been using the same bottle of Scary and Brallywood for months now and I use both of them all the time, everywhere. Now the Take A Whiff! that sucker is double the size of a traditional deodorant and lasts FOREVER, plus it is nourishing to the body.

Just remember...I owe all of you from all over the world a big thank you for your unique heritage. For it is with out this knowledge that the creation of Pristine Beauty would never be which means my hair would still resemble a brillo Pad and my skin...well...I don't even want to go there!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Guess what? When we updated the new domain address, we lost all the pictures!!!! We are in the process of trying to fix it but who knows...they might be dust in the wind!!! Stick with me ya'll....we're gettin' it together!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......Man it's COLD....

AND I AM SICK OF IT ALREADY!!!! Oh my gosh! I love the change of seasons but usually here in North Carolina things are really mild. Our winters are cold but not freakin' freezing. What's up with this???
This time of year is terrible for my little girl too. When she was 18 months she had to be intubated for 12 days for the croup, viral pneumonia and bronchialitis. It was a nightmare so I dread the numerous colds, coughs, sore throats, viruses...all of it that come with this season. I am one of those mothers that freak out if my daughter (who is 4) wants to take a nap. You see, my little pumpkin has NEVER taken a nap. joke...she is a machine so I know when she wants to sleep at 4pm...I am in for it!!! God bless those of you with 2 or more kids. You are so brave. I wish I could be more like you. I could have another if I want to but I am nervous that I will be neurotic with that one too. Ahhh..who knows what the cards hold. But I can tell you this...kickin' back with a cocktail on the beach right now sure would be .....FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ladies Who Launch!!! Vote For Pristine Beauty!!!!!

Please click on the link above if you would and help a Sista out!!!!!!! We are a new company with the best most sincere intentions with a less than attractive advertising budget. Winning this contest would really help us get the good word out!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! I personally want to wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year...and what goes along with a NEW YEAR??? Change. I wanted to remind you guys that our company name has changed legally to Pristine Beauty, Inc. Pristine Recovery will remain as a division of Pristine Beauty. We plan to broaden our product line in 2009 and this will create multiple segments of Pristine Beauty. We still plan on being your 100% natural personal care beauty source for a long time to come. We will be adding Sunless tanner, Shampoo/conditioner, sugar scrub and many other products. Hence, we thought it was smart to broaden our name.

Very soon you will see the new logo on the website which we are very excited about. I want to repeat that we will continue the Pristine Recovery range and add numerous products to it. Further, we will ALWAYS and FOREVER donate to cancer with EVERY purchase all year long. Being a cancer survivor back is something very important to me. It is something I love to do and a reminder to me of how freakin' LUCKY I am to be on this earth as my daughters mommy and my husbands wife!!!!