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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yep.....Veeerrry Freshhh!!!

Does anyone remember that CoolWhip commercial when that country lady with the strong accent said that? Maybe I'm a freak but I LOVED that
commercial. Anyway, my goal in today's Blog is to give you peeps some tips and tricks of your Pristine Recovery treats that you have purchased.... Take A Whiff! for instance is an awesome deodorant and if you read the entire page on my website this deodorant you will notice that it is just that...a deodorant ONLY. The only way you can have an antiperspirant is if you use aluminum chlorhydrate in your product which I refuse to use namely because it seems questionable in its safety but also because having had breast cancer, I believe that sweating is a positive thing because it releases toxins from the body. That is not to say that on a hot day or during a heat of the moment personal attack I might not want to be feelin' here is a tip that I have found invaluable....when you get out of the shower or tub make sure your underarms are COMPLETELY dry, put on
Take A
! and then take a walk to the fridge with a powder puff of powder brush in hand and dust your underarms with some ARM & HAMMER or what ever brand of baking soda strikes your works, is natural and SAFE! Ya'll know how I like keepin' my gals safe. Oh...and feel free to reapply as much as you want because I have made my deodorant nourishing to the body as opposed to other brands out there that could be harmful or have no effect at all. In my eyes....if your gonna use deodorant use one that does the body good! Now that's FRESH!

No More Scary Hairy....did you know that this product works wonders on the nails. Boy, I had a time with my nails before this product. Even before I went through treatment, my cuticles were crazy dry and I had hang nails all the time...not anymore. Try it. You can also double up your scar treatment by putting Scary on first and then apply the Brallywood. FAB! Intense treatment and will fade the scars and heal quicker. There are so many uses besides the hair which is the purpose for which it was made but feel free to use it as a facial serum like I do all the time!

Hooray...for Brallywood Butta....seriously I covet this cream like I used to covet Creme De La Mer. I use it everywhere. I created it initially as a skin and scar treatment cream which is phenominal but I use it on my face and the rest of my body and I swear my skin has NEVER looked better. It used to be a flaky hot mess and my husband was constantly picking little flakes off my face...YUCK!....sorry but he did and I'm all about being real here so if your grossed out S-O-R-R-Y Charlie.

If you all have tried the products and would like to add a tip or trick PLEASE do it and help me and the rest of us lookin' to feel GLAM!


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