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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ooooohhh...Luv to Luv ya Baaabbyy...Ohh Luv to Luv ya Baaabbyy..

Yeah Well...I don't remember that song well enough to know what it was about...but I do know miss Donna Summer was pretty GLAM so I'd like to think it was about all the things I luv to luv... like a good shoe! OK so stiletto is my middle name. I am a self professed Louboutin, Blahnik, and CHOO stalker and one day I will be sporting all three...perhaps all at once if I want to. But, for now I am livin' large in my Delicious, Soda and Wild Diva's...

I have never worn sensible shoes. I don't feel comfortable for some reason.I am not real tall so maybe it's a Napoleon Complex or something. My friends make fun of me because I have been caught in the past wearing heels in a Race For The Cure. Awww ...come on,don't be a hater...I am not a runner, so there!

So what else do I LUV to LUV Baaabbyy? MAKEUP!!!! I am a self professed make up junkie, whore, freak whatever or however you want to label is what it is. For instance, I had more than one surgery for my breast cancer and the day after all of my surgeries as I was comin' off the pain killas you would find me all laquered up just the way I like it!

It's so funny because I have this beautiful, classic, totally classy sister. I love her so much but we couldn't be more different. We joke that I am hoochy and she is GUCCI.Different strokes for diffrerent folks, RIGHT? She's tried to make me tone it down a bit but I used to have acne really BAD and now I'm older and it's gone but I'm scarred for life I believe!! I don't think I will ever get over being traumatized by having a million zits so I slap on the foundation just like I did back in the day thinking "the more I put on the less noticable the gigantic bump will be"...ahhh, dream a little dream!

I have made some BIG changes though and so should my other GLAM Gals when it comes to makeup...if it isn't natural...Don't use it! I will elaborate more in a future blog letting ya'll know my tips and tricks to looking like your wearin' hard core chemical compounds when in actuality if you felt a little faint you could snack on your lipgloss...that is, if your desperate!


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