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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ohhh Yeah!...Boob chicka bow wow...

BOOBS BOOBS Glorious boobs! Big, little, long...or saggy is probably a better word, whatever the size or shape everyone loves them. Drag Queens pretend they have them. Guys stare at them and most of us aren't satisfied with the ones we've got and want bigger ones. I was one of those who was never satisfied. I went through a phase where I wanted breast implants desperately but I as I grew older I settled into my little boobies nicely and it was the LITTLEness that probably saved my life because the lump in my breast was easily detectable after my baby kicked me where the lump was and I KNEW in my heart it wasn't going to be pretty.

It was cancer but luckily early stage and my oncologist suggested I go for the lumpectomy and that there was no need for a mastectomy. But I am a worry wort and being young, I knew I would constantly be thinking "is it back...what's that...oooh no!" so for me the decision was not horribly difficult. I am into living positively therefore in order to conquer my mind and keep negative thoughts at bay, I had a bilateral mastectomy and was kinda jazzed to get me some of those luscious BREAST IMPLANTS>!!!!

I was to have the mastectomy surgery and the reconstruction surgery at the same time but that didn't mean my actual implants would be inserted then. When you are a breast cancer survivor in some cases you have to have these tissue expanders placed under your muscle to stretch the skin so there will be enough room for the implant which is what I had to have done.

BUT...I had to make a choice! I have always had little boobs so the choice had to be made was I going to become "Debbie Does Dallas", A Playboy Bunny, or little me again? My husband was like "DOUBLE D'S" ...OK well, I weigh about a hundred pounds so that would be one vote for Debbie Does Dallas, and these days Playboy is looking to promote natural boobs so I couldn't go there.Hooo... Hmmmm...I guess it's little old me again! Just then my Plastic surgeon told me not to worry and that we would make me into a full B instead of a barely there A cup!!! Yippy!!!

So here I am today. Happy, healthy, and PERKY! My Oncologist says my reconstruction is FAB! I can barely see my scars thanks to my Brallywood and in a bikini I've still got it! They may not be my real boobs but they are real cute!


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