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Thursday, August 21, 2008 this a Brillo Pad or Blaire's hair before using No More Scary Hairy?

Well...actually it's kinda hard to tell because my hair was a freakin' disaster!!! But not anymore. Ya know I love all my products because I created and used them alone for a year before ever considering making them available to the public. Yet, this is the product I made first because NOTHING was working and I was sick of using Jessica Simpson clip-in hair although using the clip in hair looked strikingly similar to my old hair before treatment. The point is, I wanted my hair the way it was and I wasn't going to rest until I found a solution. My hair has never looked better! The combination of ingredients in exactly the correct consistancy has made this product a life...I mean hair saver .
**By the way, read the directions or the directions online. The jojoba oil will help alleviate build up. Oh! In cooler weather the serum thickens up because of the Avocado Butter and Organic Coconut Oil but it works the same amazing way. I actually like it when it is a bit thicker...seems richer. CHEERS to NO More Scary Hairy>!!!!


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