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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm HOT!....NO Really...I am...SIZZILIN'

I can sum it all up in one word...MENOPAUSE !!!

Yeah, it is supposed to happen much later in life but don't let anyone tell ya it's not HARD CORE. The type of cancer HAD was estrogen receptor positive so my treatment has been Lupron shots for 3 years and tamoxifen. The Lupron is a form of Chemo but basically those shots and the daily tamoxifen pill is supposed to shut my ovaries down completely OUCH!

...So for the past few years I have been soaking my sheets nightly and feeling oh so attractive with my hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido and THAT'S bad because this girl LOVES sleep! I would have added hair loss and dry skin but that was back in the day(2 years ago) before No More Scary Hairy and Brallywood Butta which has saved me and my vanity(sorry for those of you that think I'm being petty and think I should be thankful just to be alive...hey...I am...but can't a girl look good while she's livin'?).

I am thankfully now off the Lupron and I will be off Tamoxifen next year!!!YIPPY!

Girls please be reassured that I know how lucky I am because I have mentioned it before so with that said... I have embraced feeling like a drowned rat at 2am while my hands and feet feel like they're on fire, walking around like a zombie on occasion due to the lack of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's and...oh! Trouble hookin' up with the hubby was....only temporary! Now that's AMORE...
All these little hiccups are a small price to pay if your goal is...Stayin' Alive aye aye aye ....Stayin' Alive...ahhhh....I miss the Bee Gees!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ooooohhh...Luv to Luv ya Baaabbyy...Ohh Luv to Luv ya Baaabbyy..

Yeah Well...I don't remember that song well enough to know what it was about...but I do know miss Donna Summer was pretty GLAM so I'd like to think it was about all the things I luv to luv... like a good shoe! OK so stiletto is my middle name. I am a self professed Louboutin, Blahnik, and CHOO stalker and one day I will be sporting all three...perhaps all at once if I want to. But, for now I am livin' large in my Delicious, Soda and Wild Diva's...

I have never worn sensible shoes. I don't feel comfortable for some reason.I am not real tall so maybe it's a Napoleon Complex or something. My friends make fun of me because I have been caught in the past wearing heels in a Race For The Cure. Awww ...come on,don't be a hater...I am not a runner, so there!

So what else do I LUV to LUV Baaabbyy? MAKEUP!!!! I am a self professed make up junkie, whore, freak whatever or however you want to label is what it is. For instance, I had more than one surgery for my breast cancer and the day after all of my surgeries as I was comin' off the pain killas you would find me all laquered up just the way I like it!

It's so funny because I have this beautiful, classic, totally classy sister. I love her so much but we couldn't be more different. We joke that I am hoochy and she is GUCCI.Different strokes for diffrerent folks, RIGHT? She's tried to make me tone it down a bit but I used to have acne really BAD and now I'm older and it's gone but I'm scarred for life I believe!! I don't think I will ever get over being traumatized by having a million zits so I slap on the foundation just like I did back in the day thinking "the more I put on the less noticable the gigantic bump will be"...ahhh, dream a little dream!

I have made some BIG changes though and so should my other GLAM Gals when it comes to makeup...if it isn't natural...Don't use it! I will elaborate more in a future blog letting ya'll know my tips and tricks to looking like your wearin' hard core chemical compounds when in actuality if you felt a little faint you could snack on your lipgloss...that is, if your desperate!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ohhh Yeah!...Boob chicka bow wow...

BOOBS BOOBS Glorious boobs! Big, little, long...or saggy is probably a better word, whatever the size or shape everyone loves them. Drag Queens pretend they have them. Guys stare at them and most of us aren't satisfied with the ones we've got and want bigger ones. I was one of those who was never satisfied. I went through a phase where I wanted breast implants desperately but I as I grew older I settled into my little boobies nicely and it was the LITTLEness that probably saved my life because the lump in my breast was easily detectable after my baby kicked me where the lump was and I KNEW in my heart it wasn't going to be pretty.

It was cancer but luckily early stage and my oncologist suggested I go for the lumpectomy and that there was no need for a mastectomy. But I am a worry wort and being young, I knew I would constantly be thinking "is it back...what's that...oooh no!" so for me the decision was not horribly difficult. I am into living positively therefore in order to conquer my mind and keep negative thoughts at bay, I had a bilateral mastectomy and was kinda jazzed to get me some of those luscious BREAST IMPLANTS>!!!!

I was to have the mastectomy surgery and the reconstruction surgery at the same time but that didn't mean my actual implants would be inserted then. When you are a breast cancer survivor in some cases you have to have these tissue expanders placed under your muscle to stretch the skin so there will be enough room for the implant which is what I had to have done.

BUT...I had to make a choice! I have always had little boobs so the choice had to be made was I going to become "Debbie Does Dallas", A Playboy Bunny, or little me again? My husband was like "DOUBLE D'S" ...OK well, I weigh about a hundred pounds so that would be one vote for Debbie Does Dallas, and these days Playboy is looking to promote natural boobs so I couldn't go there.Hooo... Hmmmm...I guess it's little old me again! Just then my Plastic surgeon told me not to worry and that we would make me into a full B instead of a barely there A cup!!! Yippy!!!

So here I am today. Happy, healthy, and PERKY! My Oncologist says my reconstruction is FAB! I can barely see my scars thanks to my Brallywood and in a bikini I've still got it! They may not be my real boobs but they are real cute!

Thursday, August 21, 2008 this a Brillo Pad or Blaire's hair before using No More Scary Hairy?

Well...actually it's kinda hard to tell because my hair was a freakin' disaster!!! But not anymore. Ya know I love all my products because I created and used them alone for a year before ever considering making them available to the public. Yet, this is the product I made first because NOTHING was working and I was sick of using Jessica Simpson clip-in hair although using the clip in hair looked strikingly similar to my old hair before treatment. The point is, I wanted my hair the way it was and I wasn't going to rest until I found a solution. My hair has never looked better! The combination of ingredients in exactly the correct consistancy has made this product a life...I mean hair saver .
**By the way, read the directions or the directions online. The jojoba oil will help alleviate build up. Oh! In cooler weather the serum thickens up because of the Avocado Butter and Organic Coconut Oil but it works the same amazing way. I actually like it when it is a bit thicker...seems richer. CHEERS to NO More Scary Hairy>!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Native Americans are the Hook up....

Pristine Recovery has looked near and far for some Tricked Out all natural ingredients to incorporate into our products that were known to remedy inflammation, skin problems and promote healing.One of the many ingredients in our Brallywood Butta that target all three of these issues is Yucca Root which is high in vitamins A, B, C and it contains Potassium. Yucca is mainly grown in the Southwest and for centuries it has been used by the Native Americans as an anti-inflammatory, for dermatitis and other kinds of skin problems, shampoo and they say it is a blood purifier. Yucca is an antibiotic herb and promotes the healing of wounds. This is one of the many fabulous ingredients in the Brallywood Butta that has made my mastectomy scars almost non- existant.

After we found the Yucca, we brainstormed and figured that we might be able to learn much more from the wisdom of the Native Americans. We found that health is a continual process of staying strong spiritually, mentally, and physically. This strength keeps away or overcomes the forces that cause illness. The herb white sage is considered sacred in their culture. It is used for cleansing, purification and healing. It the past they used to take the dried organic white sage and rub it under the arm to alleviate perspiration which is why it made perfect sense to add Organic White Sage to Take A Whiff!

We feel that the wisdom of the Native American culture is just one of the many reasons Pristine Recovery's products rock our world!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Pristine Recovery Products are comin' soon...

OK Pristine Recovery is the scoop from one beauty junkie to another on the line up of new products on the way...I am kind of a self-tanorexic and right now I have to order Organic self tanner from Europe so we are making our own and it is fantastic and Natural, Vegan, Organic and it isn't stinky!!!!!! Now that's NEWS!!!!

We will also be featuring an all natural brown sugar scrub for the face and body.

Shampoo and Conditioner for you long luxurious locks...

I want to create the next BIG beauty range and I am frankly up for anything so please suggest, suggest, suggest...I am listening and I can't wait to be YOUR destination for Pretty Things that of course and completely, utterly and absolutely-NATURAL!!!!