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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fresh Faced and Flawless FINALLY!

Well, it has been a long time coming but we can finally introduce our new products to the world. We have been asked for years if we would be coming out with a cleanser; and for years we have been formulating and reformulating, until finally we came up with what we believe is a winner.

BIG NUDEY is the name and if you think, "Oh no! Here we go again with those crazy names", you would be right. The crazy names are fun, and in most cases with Pristine Beauty products, descriptive. This product has all the ingredients necessary to remove every morsel of makeup, dirt, debris and whatever else might have come in contact with your pretty face throughout the day. It is chock-full of antioxidants like green tea, raspberry leaf, pomegranate and Argan oils. Big Nudey is facial cleansing crème which means it will NOT dry out your skin; and if you have acne prone skin like mine, the ingredients in it are meant to inhibit acne breakouts. For those that suffer from rosacea (and I have countless friends that do), the raspberry leaf extract strengthens the capillary walls. Weak capillaries are what causes the flushing. Rasberry, along with chamomile flower and the other calming ingredients, will soothe the skin, making it a perfect canvas for your Brallywood Butta or favorite moisturizer.

Movie Star Kiss is our natural lip shimmer. This gloss is the perfect lip product for dry lips. It is a clear gloss with sparkle. The natural flavor is called Bubblelipcious (tastes like bubble gum). I have SUPER dry lips and wanted to come up with a product that would hydrate and soften the lips. There is nothing worse than dry, flaky lips.

This lip shimmer has castor seed oil which penetrates into the skin and promotes collagen and elastin and delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are high concentrations of Argan and Marula oils. We have all heard of Argan oil by now which comes from the Argan nut from the Argan tree in southwest Morocco. It is chock-full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and even helps protect the skin from sun damage (It is NOT a sunscreen though). Marula Oil, is harvested from a tree in Africa and has MORE antioxidants that Argan oil and not only hydrates the skin but is repairs free radical damage. NOW those are some powerful ingredients that will steamroll those lips into a pretty pout for sure!!!

We are super proud to offer these two new products! The key to feeling and looking younger is to eat right, exercise and use products that are healthy for you (meaning, without chemicals), and that is what Pristine Beauty products are all about.

I was speaking with someone just yesterday about Pristine Beauty and they asked me, "If you had to choose one product out of the line as your favorite, which one would you pick?" I literally broke into a cold sweat because I love them all so much. NO, I really do!!! I call my line a problem solving line. If you notice, I don't have a million different shampoos, or a complete facial care line. I create products that I need in my life that will solve a problem. I think it is part of why we are a unique cosmetics company.

All Pristine Beauty products are made without harmful chemicals and packaged in eco-friendly packaging. We take pride in the fact that we are a VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE company. We are almost completely gluten free. The only product that we have that is NOT gluten free is our conditioner and that has been re-formulated without wheat protein so we are soon to be 100% gluten free. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perfect Summer Skin Care Kit!!!

Ahhhhhh.....Spring I thought you would never come and rescue me from what seemed like the longest, coldest winter of my LIFE!!!! I know it wasn't just here in North Carolina either. Everybody was feeling Old Man Winter's wrath this year.

Now we can all ditch the mittens and bulky coats and brake out the sundresses and bikinis. But before we do, it is important to remember that May is national skin cancer awareness month. Skin cancer is a scary thing and something I never worried about. When I was younger, I slathered baby oil on my super fair skin thinking that frying my skin until it was red and hurt was even remotely attractive. Yet,  I was invincible back then and didn't know that later on not using sun protection would lead to dryness, brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. I did a blog awhile a go about how I spent hours with my oh-so-handsome dermatologist while he burned, cut and stitched up the skin cancer on my chest all the while scolding me that I needed to be using sunscreen all the time. He even played on my insecurities about getting old and wrinkly telling me that if I had worn SPF when I was in my teens then I wouldn't be chasing my youth like I am now. TRUST me doc, I GET IT!!! I am not looking to get any more cancer OR look like a crinkly leather face anytime soon.

 Now that I am older, and realize past mistakes, I have learned that our beautiful skin covers and protects everything on our body; so, it is incredibly important that we treat this vital organ with love and respect. It is easy to say run out and get a sunscreen and all will be well, but it isn't so easy these days. There are thousands of sun protection products to choose from out on the market, so are all of them OK to use? NO!! Many of you know that I am against using chemicals anywhere on the body; and therefore, I am extremely picky when it comes to my sun protection. You want to find products without Oxybenzone (hormone disrupting chemical), parabens, nano particles, and Fragrance (pretroleum based phthalate). Sprays and powders generally have additional chemicals for performance purposes, so finding a sunblock that is rated a 1 on the Environmental Working Group's website is going to be your best bet. I like products from California Baby, Babyganics, Badger, Aubrey and Seventh Generation. And for the lips, HURRAW! lip balm is the BEST. It is raw, organic, vegan and gluten free. The tangerine is the best and SPF 15.

Now that we have the most important part of our summer kit figured out, I will just list the other things I use to be safe:

-I get my hair highlighted every two months with organic color, so this fades easier than chemical color so I have to keep my hair protected. I LOVE this hat . It comes in all kinds of colors and you can crumple it up in your bag and because it is floppy it still looks awesome. It keeps the sun out in all directions like a big umbrella.

-Speaking of umbrellas, this is the umbrella I use and I love it so much. You can attach it to your chair at the pool or your beach chair Rio Brands Total Sunblock Umbrella.

-Under my hat, if I have been swimming and I don't want my hair to fry, I make my own mixture of hair conditioner and purified water Pristine Beauty Locks Of Fame Conditioner, and every week I do a deep conditioning treatment with our No Scary Hairy (hair and scalp revival serum) ....This product recently was honored on the Total Beauty website

Wondering where to get a super cute swimsuit and cover up? Look no further than HSN!! They have some of the cutest choices. I recently bought this two piece ECHO Scoop Style Halter  in Black and the Jessica Simpson Gold Dust Drop-Waist Cover Up in white and black!! You can find all kinds of super cute wedges on HSN as well. Home shopping has come a very long way and it is super duper convenient!!!

- SUMMER SNACKS! Many of you know that I am vegan and a raw food eater, so when I am protecting my skin it is also very important to me to protect my body all year (especially when I have enjoyed a day in the glorious sun). We all know that raw nuts and seeds are good for you, but did you know that the selenium, and vitamins E & A will protect us against skin cancer, neutralize free radical damage caused by the sun, age spots and wrinkles. Ingesting wonderful nuts and seeds will make our skin look radiant and YOUNGER! WOOHOO!!!! Bring on the Two Moms In The Raw Bars!!!


What is that old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well apples also help keep skin cancer at bay, along with berries and watermelon. These fruits not only taste delish, but they provide our bodies with sun fighting nutrients that makes our look skin young and fresh.

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine with a little help from your friends at Pristine Beauty!!!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ZIP IT!!!!

UGH! Don't you wish there were days when it was acceptable to zip up your face in public? Wouldn't that be awesome for everyone to have their own special face bag? Maybe in NYC where I grew up this might not seem so freakish but boy there are days when it would be nice to just zip it up and go on my merry way. Especially, back in the day when I had horrible cystic acne and it was picture day at school or when I was being treated for those painful red bumps with Retin-A and my poor little face was red and peeling off. HECK...Even these days when I think my face is looking a little more old and wrinkly.  No need to face the world just break out the bag. HEE...HEE

I was thinking to myself the other day that I really have come a long way in my confidence level. Don't get me wrong, I am still harder on myself that I should be like most of us are. We are our own worst critics aren't we? NOTHING compares to my life as a teen. The acne was terrible. It seemed like it took forever for my face to fit with my enormous teeth and my style was just awkward. People tell me I was cute but I never felt PRETTY. For me it actually took a long time before I felt really good about myself. Even when I was modeling I often wondered why I got jobs that others, I thought were more attractive than I, didn't.
It sounds bizarre but it really wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer that I really began to feel super confident. You might ask why considering I had a bilateral mastectomy and  had to undergo some pretty crappy treatment that left me feeling not quite myself for a few years. But going through that made me appreciate what I thought I was lacking BEFORE the cancer. It would have been great if it didn't take a deadly disease to make me realize what really mattered.
Please don't think I walk around carefree with little concern about a crazy hair that popped up on my chin or some other odd thing my magnifying mirror alerts me to on a daily basis and I still can't WAIT to read all the new anti-aging treatments in New Beauty Magazine OR catch up on all the fun facts my beauty blogger friends have to dish daily. These things are girly, fun and frankly things I love in life. Sure, I still occasionally want to whip out the face bag and zip it up...but not all the way. Just enough to show the fabulous smoky eye I learned to perfect from watching a You Tube tutorial ;) 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What A Sucker!

Yeah, I was the kid that grew up with my dad getting our food from the co-op. I was also the kid that had the natural peanut butter sandwich on granola bread with the brown banana. When we went shopping I longed to buy the box of cereal that  looked really cool. They were always colorful and inviting. I could care less about what sugary goodness was inside. It was really the outside of that cereal that was calling my name.

 I am a sucker for packaging. I love anything that looks exciting and fabulous and although this blog could be about all the money I have wasted on useless products over the years, sadly it is not. It is about something much more important and depressing.

I have a confession to make. I am sitting here at my desk with an aching in my stomach that I wish would go away. Most of you know that I am a vegan. I rescue the pets that I make part of our family. I am a member of PETA and ASPCA and I was proud to say that my products are cruelty free....until today.

You see, I received a phone call from a loyal customer who was telling me how much she LOVED Take A Whiff! and recently purchased 3 to share with her friends. She told me that although she loved the product so much, she was not going to purchase it any longer. "Why?" I wondered...She told me that it was because I was packaging my deodorant in fur and how could I do this. I said " No! You are mistaken. We do not use fur in any of our packaging. The fur on our little pouches is faux." She was very confident that this was not true having been in the business of researching this specific issue. I immediately pulled up the manufacturer that we purchase this item and it states that fur was in fact synthetic. Not willing to take any chances all of our bags were disposed of immediately.

I read that many countries like China that manufacture in mass amounts for the US say the fur is "faux" for fear of not making a sale. In all actuality that fur comes from raccoon dogs or other animals.

A feeling of despair and sickness has taken over my body. I have done some research since our conversation today and have found that fraudulent mislabeling occurs more frequently than many of us would ever think. All this time I have thought I have been treating my customers to a tiny bit of glamour and fun. I mean who doesn't want to open a box full of pretty things? Instead, I have unknowingly contributed to cruelty toward animals that is deplorable and should be stopped.

I hope and pray that the few bags we have used over the past few months come from synthetic fibers. I know in my heart that my intentions were good. My eyes are opened now and I am no longer naive to the packaging industry. I should have known better. I mean I have always been unsupportive of the fact the cosmetics industry can put whatever they want on a label....true or not. I now know this, even if it says "FAUX" it is no friend of mine. Animals are my friends. I do not eat them or wear them because I love and respect them.

Today, Pristine Beauty products are once again cruelty-free.

Thank you Karma (Your mother named you well)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Passwords...Passwords....and more PASSWORDS!


I am sure some of you have been wondering why I haven't written a blog in months! Well, to tell you the truth I couldn't remember my password to log in. SERIOUSLY!!! We have passwords for EVERYTHING... our computers, banking, accounting software, Paypal, Ebay, credit cards, Facebook, YouTube, GOOGLE, Yahoo, cell phone, MyPCbackup, business assistance sites, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Go Daddy, and many, many more!!! It is a wonder I can remember my own name(which I wish I could change), but that's a whole other blog.

I am sure there are those of you out there that have a method for the madness, but I don't. On many an occasion, I have meditated, prayed and stared at the computer screen in deep concentration for the tiniest of clues, but nothing...nada...zilch! Actually, in the beginning, I thought I had a good thing going with this special book where I kept all the passwords and then someone would kindly give me a scare and tell me certain passwords were easy targets! Promptly, I would scribble out my old passwords  and replace them with my new hardcore "no hacker will ever figure these out" codes. Yeah RIGHT!!! A couple of bank thefts later, needless to say my "special book" looks like a 3 year old's scribbled gibberish.

There has to be a better way, and if there is I have not discovered it. Some may use the same password for everything. Maybe I will try this one but yet again I heard this was a NO! NO!

I bet you're wondering how I got onto my blog now...well funny thing is I am not sure I am really on my true blog for Pristine Beauty. The whole page layout looks different. I could be creating a whole new blog that will shoot out into cyber space and never be heard from again. You see, after much trial and error, frustration and a flat out conniption, this password was accepted so as my head spins around and I let out a hardy crazed laugh my blog begins or ends right here....God PLEASE let this be the right password!

***Oh husband while reading just decided to inform me that the password issue I am having ...well, there's an APP for codes. Gee, Rod thanks for keeping me in the loop....grrrrrr

Friday, January 11, 2013

YAY!!!! So all of you know that Pristine Beauty is all about problem solving or solving MY problems which seem to be somewhat universal considering our following. That said, we are so proud to introduce Suga Suga WOO! WOO! which is a facial exfoliating polish to our line. I have been hounded to come out with a cleanser and that has been formulated and will be introduced very soon; but to me, I thought this product was a MUST HAVE - so here is. I will be doing a video for this product, as I do all of the products, in the next day or so. It will be posted on our YouTube Channel and subsequently uploaded onto the Suga product page for reference.

You know, the key to great looking skin is a clean healthy diet, but it is also exfoliation and hydration. We have taken care of the hydration with our Hooray For Brallywood Butta, but now we can exfoliate AND hydrate with Suga Suga WOO! WOO!. We are excited about the product because it is different than most other facial exfoliators on the market. Not only is it generously sized like all our other products, but the ingredients are naturally cutting edge. We mix extra fine sugar with Shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, which in the right consistencies will not clog pores, are easily absorbed and loaded with vitamins. Then, we pack it full of seaweed which balances, hydrates the skin and adding a protective barrier on the skin for any free radical damage that might come our way. Maqui Berry or Chilean wine berry is our power punch and has the highest antioxidant power than any known super fruit while drenching our skin in vitamin C. This is a cutting edge ingredient and we are lucky to introduce it into our pretty polish! We knew this had to be extra special so we added MORE antioxidant power of additional Vitamin C and rose hips seed oil. Our customers always comment on the scents of our products which ALL come from natural sources like essential oils and extracts. We call the scent of the SUGA "Candy Mint". It is a mix of vanilla and Peppermint. Mint has an amazing way of soothing the senses and making you feel refreshed, but at the same time it contains natural vitamin A and has been known to strengthen the outer layer of the skin and for someone like me that is getting older....this is GREAT!!!

As usual the packaging is recyclable. I try to use glass as much as I can. I know that some people prefer the plastic for fear of dropping in the shower, but when I can get it and I can modify it for a product I will use it. Even though our packaging is BPA free you just KNOW with glass that there is not a chance of chemicals leaching so the suga comes in a glass jar with a BPA free lid! We have also added a little scoop because I prefer not to dip my hands into a clean product and I thought I would pass that along just incase you prefer that way of using the polish as well.

I will give ways I use it in my upcoming video. I have had the pleasure of using this for a while now and paired with the Brallywood, my makeup has never gone on smoother and my skin has never looked fresher. My husband LOVES it, so it's good that the size is generous because I have a feeling you'll be sharing.

**I promise to write more!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charlotte Blaire to Malini Shanmuga and back again....

Ah life has been quite a tangled web of crazy goodness! I came into this world as Charlotte Blaire Dalton (can't get anymore "American" than that) and inbetween became Malini Shanmuga (pretty much can't get anymore "Hindu" that that). You see, when I was little and my parents got divorced my dad immersed himself in the Hindu religion, and being little and not mature enough to make life altering decisions, my sister and I followed in the footsteps of the the father we admired and respected.

My dad introduced the Hindu religion to us bit by bit at first. Being little kids, he would teach us songs in Hindi. I remember a couple I LOVED: Parvati Putra, Ganapati Ohm, and Ganesha Saranam. At the time I had no idea what the songs meant but they were fun to sing and so I sang them a lot! We were living in Philipsburg, NJ during this time period. Shortly after the divorce and our short intro into our new found religion, my dad informs my sister and I that he had been advised by the Guru (Master Subramunya) that he would like us closer to him and the monks in California. I was like 6 so I had no clue what a Guru was and who this man was telling us I had to leave all my friends but when your little you go with the program. My dad sold his Fiat and bought a green truck and a huge towing trailer and we packed up our stuff and drove across country...picking up hitch hikers and playing "Punch Buggy" the whole way. It was a BLAST!!! We had a top on the back of the truck and when my dad needed a rest from the drive we all camped out in the back.

During our cross country adventure my dad proceeds to inform my sister and I that we were going to have our names legally changed to Hindu names. WHAT?!!! I am 6. My name is Charlotte Blaire Dalton. My sisters name is Ashley Elizabeth Dalton. How can this be? What do you mean change our names? Well, dad said if we were going to be true Hindu's that when needed to walk the walk. The Guru told my sister to look through a list of Hindu names that begin with a "D" and I had to pick a name that started with "M". My sis picked Dana (Pronounced Donna in Hindi) and I picked Malini. I picked that name because it sounded so much like Melanie. My dad went from Ben Dalton to Prashad Shanmuga. So there you have it. The Griswold family just went from nerdy Americans to American Hindus. We had to work HARD to train ourselves to call each other Dana and Malini. We practiced  and practiced and practiced.

Our travels across country ended in Brownsvalley, CA. It is a little town in the foothills of Cali, right outside of Sacramento and a 3 hour drive to San Francisco which is where we would drive every 2 weeks to our Hindu Temple. The drive to San Francisco were my favorite parts of living in California. I fell in love with the steep hilly streets and diverse culture. As time passed, my sister and I began to understand the rituals of the temple. We learned the names of the main Gods (Shiva, Ganesha and Muruga). Every Sunday after temple we would all sit together and read Hindu comics. I learned so much from those comics. They taught me that women are powerful beings. You see, in the Hindu religion there are Gods and Goddesses. and the Goddesses were bad-ass women! I also learned a lot about morals and the importance of living a good life and being a good person...KARMA is huge in the Hindu religion. What comes around goes around is something I will never be able to unlearn or forget.

Our trips to the temple is also where I met the Guru for the first time. Master Subramunya. Sure I was 6 and I really didn't "get" that I needed to have great respect for this guy. He kind of gave me the creeps. There was something about him that just wasn't right. All this time I heard he was super spiritual, pure and as close to the Gods as you can get. My dad would tithe a lot to the church. My sister and I even tithed 10% of our allowance each week to the church. Don't get me wrong, to tithe is important and it taught us respect for money and the temple but it was still a drag when your little. We did meet others in the church that were American like us who were devotees or Master Subramunya as well. It was very cultish.

For the next 3 years we lived in Brownsvalley, Ca. I can't say I loved it, because I hated it. We lived in a little green trailer on 12 acres of land. There were creepy bugs everywhere, we had a goat named Sadi that we had to milk every morning, kids made fun of our last name on the bus (a bus we had to get up at 5:30am to wait for) and we lived so far from civilization (corner store). It was all just not my speed. I need people, stores and friends in close proxcimity to my house. night my dad tells us that the Guru wants us to move again. This time to NYC! "You mean we can get outta here?" I thought maybe this Guru wasn't so bad. "Let's GO!" So off we went on another cross country trip back to the east coast with the green truck and the massive trailer, picking up hitch hikers and playing "Punch Buggy"!

We were introduced to the big city with kids catching rides on the back of our truck through the city and my dad freaking out. Our new house was actually in use by the Hindu monks. We were going to live right across from the temple on Bowne Street in Flushing. Soon after we arrived my dad informed us that we would quietly be changing our names back to Blaire and Ashley. You see, the Guru that I had a weird feeling about the whole time, ended up being a real bad dude. He was using the money all us American Hindus were tithing and using it for first class plane tickets, lots of alcohol and was having relations with the monks in the monastery. (Don't worry, I found out the details when I was older and not little. My dad just told us we were going back to the way things were which was fine with us). It was almost like we were never Malini and Dana, that is how easy it was to go back to Blaire and Ashley.

For a long time I prayed but I never indulged in church. I believed in God but I wasn't sure how to practice the Christian religion. I did though know the kind of church I felt most comfortable in and that was a very formal ritualistic setting. After doing much research I took classes and was baptised Catholic. I LOVE being Catholic and my church so much. I feel so comfortable and welcome. That is not to say that being involved in the Hindu religion was a negative part of my life; on the contrary. The Hindu religion is beautiful and its beliefs taught me things that I bring with me into my current Catholic belief system. Being Hindu taught me to never judge and to accept people no matter where they come from. Who knows where I would be and what I would have become as Malini Shanmuga? Perhaps, betrothed to be married to someone the Guru chose for me and home schooling our kids. Instead, Dharma for Charlotte Blaire Kessler is living a full rich life Catholic with my husband and daughter. THAT is Pristine Beauty to me.

People are often surprised when I tell them I used to be Hindu and had my name legally changed. Perhaps, I come off very normal or a simpleton. To that I say NEVER judge a book by its cover. There might be something kinda cool lurking under the nerdy exterior. Meditate on that. OHM!